About Us


We are an electric scooter company that has perfected the veritable cocktail of imagination, innovation and purpose. We strive towards a scooter that is futuristic yet deeply rooted in the good old qualities of what is expected from this wonder vehicle, convenience and access. The design, inspired by Tylos aesthetics, has struck the perfect chord between science and art, classic and contemporary, form and function.

And its no secret that our scooters harness power from electricity, thus cutting down the consumption of diesel and petrol and nullifying its imprint on our ecology. Come, join us in this revolution.

Building a brighter future for future generations,
Making a tangible impact in the
present moment.


Tylos Electric Scooter: Unleashing Tomorrow's Commute, Today

Discover the future of urban commuting with Tylos Electric Scooter. Elevate your ride with cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and high-speed performance. Say goodbye to noise and emissions as you effortlessly glide through the city on this eco-friendly marvel. Tylos redefines convenience, offering a stylish and sustainable solution for modern mobility. Join the electric revolution – where efficiency meets elegance, and your journey is powered by innovation. Ride smarter, ride Tylos